Allister ARD II will not open.

by AL
(Sarasota, FL. USA)

My ARD II will not open. (It closes fine).

It makes a buzzing noise that is coming from a relay looking box on the circuit board. I manually rotated the motor to position the opener to simulate the door being half open. Press the button it will move to close, press again it stops, press again I get the buzz. The closing circuit works-the open does not.

Any suggestions to determine the bad component? I did see a post elsewhere that suggested the capacitor could be bad??? I hate to buy one without more insight into the problem.
THANKS for your help...

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Dec 06, 2011
Probably not the capacitor
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have the same opener and the light would turn on and I would hear a hum, but the motor did not run. I replaced the capacitor and it works.

The reason I don't think your problem is the capacitor is because the capacitor would not be able to differentiate whether the door is opening or closing. All it does is store voltage so that the motor can get a good start. If it does this at all then it works.

So, the fact that your motor runs in one direction indicates that the capacitor is probably fine. My guess is that there is something else with the electronics in the reverse circuit that does not allow the capacitor to get charged again.

Dec 15, 2010
Electronics Problem
by: Donald

Even experienced service people have problems figuring out electronics. Capacitors and relays are very hard to determine good or bad, even for electronics experts.

When we have a service truck on site we simply replace the capacitor. If that doesn't work, then we replace the relay.

Capacitors are cheap so I would start there.

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