Amarr Garage Doors
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Amarr garage doors give you quality above the rest. When you choose a garage door for your home, you want a product that will serve your needs while also looking good. This is exactly what you get from Amarr when you buy one of their garage doors. The product options and the range of choices you get from Amarr allow you to find the best garage door for your home.

About Amarr

Amarr was established in 1951. The company was founded in Winston-Salem, North Carolina by the Brenner family. Humble roots have grown into a large company that now has over 1,000 employees with three manufacturing plants. The company has 70 distribution centers located throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Hungary.

Amarr is not the average garage door company. At Amarr, there is a focus on creating unique products and going beyond the typical expectations. Working for Amarr is an experience that goes beyond being just a job. The heart and the dedication that goes into the manufacturing of Amarr garage doors makes them stand out from the competition.

It should not be surprising that Amarr has sales that exceed $300 million. This company not only makes amazing products to the highest of quality standards, but they also make their company a great place to work. The combination of good products and happy employees makes for an amazing brand.

You simply know that you are getting a product that is being made well from all angles. The employees are dedicated to the product and the product is designed for optimal quality.

Products from Amarr

You have learned that Amarr is a special company where the employees feel more like family than workers. That can only mean that this company produces products that are also special. They are all about safety and style. They offer a wide selection of options, from the sectional overhead doors to Linear opening systems. The designs are varied to give you the best options.

Amarr has 17 residential product lines. These lines include a range of materials. You have options of steel, wood and composite. Amarr also offers garage doors that are designed with the inspiration of leading brands, like Biltmore Estate, JELD-WEN, and Bob Timberlake. You get design, function, and technology all rolled into one with some of the top innovations and ideas on the market.

Buying from Amarr

Buying an Amarr garage door is simple. They are sold by over 3,000 independent dealers worldwide. Leading retailers in America also sell their products. Retail partners include Costco Warehouses, Sears, and Lowe's home Improvement. Buying these amazing garage doors is made simple because they are so available.

You should have no trouble finding the best garage door for your needs from the many lines available from Amarr. Buying an Amarr garage door is a smart choice and smart investment in your home. You get safety, innovation, and design all in one, which is exactly what you want in your garage door.

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