Garage Storage Systems
Finding The Best

Sometimes the best garage storage systems are the ones you create yourself from the materials you already have.

Organizing the garage seems to be a major goal of everyone who has one. Why is that? It seems like the garage has become the catch-all for everything. I can still hear my dad telling me to put it in the garage until he decided what to do with it.

Garage Storage System with Doors and Drawers

Garage Storage Systems Bike Rack

Stack-On Garage Storage Systems

When it was time to move, there were a lot of ‘its' that had never been taken care of. Does this describe your garage? There are a quite a few ‘its' hanging around mine, and in the garages of others, based on the view through the open garage door.

There is a lot of space in the garage. It just looks crowded because of the disorganization and lack of proper garage storage systems. Those with open rafters can take advantage of that space quickly and economically. Take the lumber over in the corner that has been waiting for a project, and use it to make a floor above the rafters.

Loft Storage

In lieu of ready boards, get some plywood sheeting or anything strong enough to hold the items that will be placed above. To reach the area, use a safe ladder, or consider installing drop-down stairs. One simple tug and the steps are available to climb safely.

Deciding what will go in the new loft might be a big challenge. Consider putting the seasonable items that are not excessively heavy towards the center. Heavy items to be kept, but probably not used (every household has them) can be placed to the ends on each side.

Be sure you either have a helper to get those items to the loft, or build a pulley to lift them. Mark any boxes or containers with the contents, to reduce moving and searching later.

Tubs of Christmas decorations and winter or summer clothes, blankets, and other bedding are excellent candidates for the loft storage system. Patio furniture can be stored there during the wintertime.

Pegboard Systems

A few dozen tools will be organized when hung or placed on your new wall pegboard. Be sure it is easy to reach for anyone who might remove or replace a tool.


For those with multitudes of tools, look around the thrift stores or renovated home sites for old counters and cabinets. They can be installed quickly, and remodeled to fit your needs. Small drawers are perfects for the screwdrivers, wrenches, and sockets that tend to pile up here and there.

If the drawers are wide, add dividers to make two or three sections in each. Labels on the front of each drawer or cupboard will remind you, as well as others, of what goes where. Put the most frequently used tools in a convenient location. Skilsaws, routers, and drills are ideal candidates for the bottom shelves in the cabinet.

Shelves, Hooks and Bins

Put hooks on two by fours to hold sleds, axes, and ladders. Even skateboards can have their own hanging section. Build a short section of shelves by using planks, or invest in metal shelves. Use them for garden supplies, such as pots, potting soil, trowels, and spades, leftover seeds and bulbs being held for planting.

If kids are moving out, but leaving memories behind till later, store their things in covered, pest-proof bins and give them a shelf of their own.

Enjoy the open space in your newly organized garage thanks to your best garage storage systems.

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