Overhead Garage Door Opener
Convenient and Easy

Easy to use automatic electric overhead garage door openers - simply use the remote-control unit to open or close your garage door.

Add Comfort to Your Life

No more getting out of the car in nasty weather to open or close your garage door. Your overhead garage door opener is a motorized device that automatically opens and closes your garage door - simply press a button on your remote control from within your car.

The current market offers a variety of garage door openers. Most units rely on rolling code technology. Encoders/decoders in the transmitter and the receiver work on a rolling code that prevents burglars from recording a code and replaying it to open your garage door.

Most overhead garage door opener systems use a chain drive, belt drive, or a screw drive to operate the door. The chain drive is the noisiest. Screw drive systems are quieter than the chain drive. The rubber belt is the quietest of the main three, and has steel reinforcement similar to a tire.

Most of today's overhead garage door openers have additional features such as a courtesy light that turns on when the door opens and automatically turns off after a preset amount of time. Optional motion sensors will turn on the light when someone enters the garage. A remote lockout feature turns off the radio receiver while you are on vacation. The optional accessories have increased such as wireless keypads and keychain remotes.

UL safety codes specify that the door must be in line-of-sight of the person operating the door for safety reasons.

Garage door openers and remote controls have progressed significantly since they were introduced and have become a popular necessity.

Garage Door Openers - Nice Option or Necessity?

Craftsman and Genie produce the most popular and lowest cost overhead garage door openers. The Craftsman has all the essential features, but the chain drive is the noisiest type available. The Genie Excelerator uses a quieter screw drive. Liftmaster seems to be the highest rated by reviewers.

Garage Door Opener Installation Manuals

Garage Door Opener Installation Manuals


Allister Garage Door Opener

The Allister Garage Door Opener comes in two residential models and a wide variety of commercial operators. Allister has changed their name to Allstar Garage Door Openers.

Chamberlain Garage Door Openers

Sears Garage Door Openers

The Genie Company
Genie Garage Door Openers

LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

Linear LLC

Marantec Garage Door Openers

Marantec America Corporation, headquartered in Gurnee, IL, markets the M-line and Q-line residential garage door openers featuring digital intelligence, modularity and Homelink compatibility. For the commercial market they offer the Pro-J, Pro-LJ, Pro-T and Pro-LT Commercial Garage Door Openers.

Master Mechanic Garage Door Opener

Raynor Garage Door Openers

Stanley Garage Door Openers

Stanley Garage Door Openers have not been manufactured since 1997. Stanley Garage Door Opener parts are scarce today. Many parts can no longer be found.


The Wayne-Dalton iDrive features a torsion drive system, which eliminates the need for a large ceiling-mounted motor box. The iDrive overhead garage door opener requires no overhead track. The Wayne-Dalton iDrive will free up an extra 6-inches of overhead clearance in the garage. The iDrive is a higher cost unit, plus requires professional installation.

Wayne-Dalton also makes a standard ceiling mount opener, the Wayne-Dalton-Quantum® They have just come out with a new belt drive unit, the Wayne-Dalton-Quantum® prodrive™. The Wayne-Dalton idrive overhead garage door opener is the most technologically advanced design in the industry.