Build a Garage Storage Shelf

If you need more space in your home, it just may be time to build a garage storage shelf. As we live in our homes over the years, we gather more belongings and finally get to a point where we simply do not have the space to store things any longer.

Moving to a larger house is not an option for many people, either financially or because they simply love the home they currently own. When they build garage shelves, they can keep their belongings safe and tucked away so that they don't get damaged.

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To build a garage storage shelf, you must first understand how much space you will need for storage. Will you be storing tall items that require a large amount space or are you just looking for a place to put wood and other garage items that have been taking space on the floors or against the walls?

Be sure you are realistic about the space you need so you can build garage shelves that will meet your needs as soon as they are built.

There are some materials that you will need when you begin to build your shelves. You will need a measuring tape to make sure you have adjusted the plan to allow for the space that you need. You will also need some lumber to build the shelf with. Most shelves can be built with 4X6 and 2X4 pieces of lumber.

You will also need some 4X8 plywood to serve as the base. You will need brackets and metal studs to ensure that the shelf is sturdy as well as some one inch wood screws.

The other tools that are needed are likely found in your garage. Some ratchets, wrenches, screwdrivers, and a level will be essential. It is much easier to complete the project if you have access to a circular saw and carpenter's square as well. The last item on the list of requirements is some paint or wood stain in the color that works best with the decor of your garage.

Next you need to see how much space you have to work with. For an overhead shelf, measure from the ceiling to about 12 inches above the roof of any vehicles that may be parked in the garage.

Be sure you have at least 12 inches from the bottom of the shelf to the top of the highest vehicle so you can ensure that no damage will be done to the vehicle once you build a garage storage shelf. You have to consider everything when you begin to build garage shelves.

Now you need to measure how long the bottom supports will be for the shelf. If you can build the shelf to the length of a standard sheet of plywood then you will have to do less cutting to complete the project. After you have completed the measurements, it is time to build and install the frame.

Your frame should be built with 2X4 wood and should be built to the size that you need. Screw the frame into the ceiling and be sure to attach it to the rafters. A second frame should be built with the identical dimensions and it should be bolted with corner brackets.

Once you have the frame attached, use the circular saw to cut some horizontal braces into the frame so the shelf will fit in nicely. You should apply a brace on one end of the shelf as well as a brace on both sides about two feet apart from each other. This will keep your items safely inside.

When you build a garage storage shelf, keeping it secure is important. Simply paint or stain the wood and then attach to the frame and you have completed the project to build garage shelves!

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