Cabinets for Garage Storage

It is easy to know when it is time to have cabinets for garage storage. When you cannot open the side door because things are stacked in front of it and you have to get the garage door opener out of the car to raise the large door, where the scene inside makes you gasp for breath, it is time to do something.

Suncast Base Storage Cabinet

Regardless of how the buildup started, the important thing is organizing the disorganized items.

There are many types of storage cabinets to review on the internet and there are companies that will build custom cabinets for garages. The most important things to know are:

  1. Building materials that hold up best in your area
  2. Accessible width, depth and height of the area where they will be placed
  3. Measurements and weight of big items needing stored
  4. Whether you want doors or open shelves

Once those things are decided, take into consideration things like

  • Who will be using the storage area
  • The average reach and bend for each person using them
  • Whether a platform is needed to keep them off the ground
  • If the cabinets will mount on the wall

Stainless steel and quality wood are some of the best storage materials used. Many sets come precut, with all the pieces and instructions included so you and a friend or family member can set them up. Check the "how-to" on the net or at your local hardware store for advice, if something is unclear.

If you plan to paint the wood, do it before assembly. Adjustable shelves are easy for either material. Get bars with notches for the stainless steel and put one-inch wooden bars on each side of the wood to slide shelves up or down when they need height adjustment.

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