Chamberlain Whisper Drive
1/2 HP Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain Whisper Drive 1/2 HP Garage Door Opener #WD822KD---1/2 HP Premium Belt Drive Garage Door Opener With Rolling Code Technology, Belt Drive Allows For A Quieter Motor With Exceptional Power, Multi Function Protector System, Electric Eye Safety Device,

Includes Two 3Button Transmitters, Keyless Entry System Keypad, Multi Function Wall Control Panel, Lifetime Motor & Belt Warranty, Features New Structural Steel Rail.

What's in the Box---1/2 hp belt-drive garage door opener, two remotes, soft-glow wall control, keyless entry pad

  • 1/2-horsepower garage door opener; 200-watt security light; two light sockets
  • Anti-vibration system and belt drive ensure quiet operation; 3-piece rail for quick installation
  • Rugged steel construction
  • Includes opener, 2 3-button remotes, keyless entry pad
  • 39 pounds; lifetime warranty on motor and belt

"Whether you're installing your first garage door opener or replacing an old one, this is a great choice. First, it's supremely quiet, thanks to the vibration-free belt drive, and the 1/2-horsepower motor won't let you down over the years.

And while most garage door openers have a light socket or two for perhaps a 60-watt bulb, this one has two sockets for two 100-watt bulbs, and the illumination in an otherwise dark garage is unparalleled.

Speaking of illumination, we also liked the SoftGlo wall button because it's a cinch to find in the dark. It's also got a lock and a handy light switch.

As far as security, this model's ahead of the game with high-tech anti-burglary coding and a keyless entry pad as well as two remotes with three programmable buttons on each one, letting you control a separate door, gate or light.

The unit itself weighs 39 pounds, so installation isn't a terrible ordeal, though you'll want to inventory all the hardware you'll need for the job, since it might not be included.

Chamberlain's got top-notch customer service, and the motor in this opener has a lifetime warranty. Can't beat that."--Kris Jensen-Van Heste

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