Cleaning Garage Floors

Cleaning garage floors requires as much attention as the rest of the house and will need done regularly to keep your floor looking as good as possible.

Knowing what the flooring is made from is extremely important to ensure that the correct cleaning materials are used. Once you have established what your garage floor is made from, you can look at the best way to ensure that it is kept in superb condition.


Typically garages will have a layer of concrete on the floor which will need to be kept clean and tidy. There are many different materials and substances that need to be stored in the garage, and if one of these spills, you need to know how to clean it up.

Concrete is incredibly porous and will soak up all liquids very quickly. Therefore, sealing the floor is preferred so that it will be far easier and quicker to clean in the future.

Oil Spills

If you have chosen not to seal the garage floor, cleaning garage floors will need to be done often to ensure that all oil and other spills are cleaned up. Sweeping the floor is essential to guarantee that all of the loose concrete dust and debris is cleaned up. The garage floor can be cleaned with a strong multipurpose cleaner; however, this may not work well if there are any oil spills.

One of the best items to clean up oil spills is cat litter, by simply placing some cat litter on the oil you will find that it absorbs into the litter and lifts off the floor. The cat litter can then be swept up and thrown away. If you still see oil spills after all of the cat litter is cleaned up, you can use laundry detergent to help remove most of the remainder.

Afterward, the garage can be hosed out making it look and smell fresh and clean.

If you have trouble removing oil spills from your garage floor, Gunk SW2 Swab Powdered Concrete Cleaner does an excellent job dissolving oil and grease.


Many items are stored in the garage; therefore, cleaning garage floors may become a weekly or even monthly task. You will not want to get the items on the floor wet; therefore, the garage will need to be cleared out.

Once it has been emptied you will be able to clean it far easier and ensure that every corner is cleaned well. If you set aside the time and effort to clean the garage floor well, it will not take that long every time you attempt to do it.

Now that your garage floor is clean, it is a good time to install cabinets, shelves, and hangers to store everything out of the way and off the floor as you place those items back in the garage.

Many items get dropped on the garage floor, and you will need to ensure that as you are sweeping that nothing significant is being swept up. The clearer the floor, the more likely you are to be able to see the floor clearly. It the garage has not been cleaned in a while, you may need to use the pressure washer on the stubborn ground in areas.

Emptying the garage in preparation is an excellent way to sort through all of your items and have a good clean out. You will be amazed how much stuff gathers in the garage over time.

Cleaning garage floors is much easier after you de-clutter the area. You will be able to put fewer items back into your nice sparkling clean garage with your immaculate floor.

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