CodeDodger® Access Security System

CodeDodger® is Overhead Door® garage door openers rolling code technology (digital code changing system) used to prevent thieves "grabbing" your wireless keypad or remote transmitter code.

The First Remotes

When garage door openers were first introduced, remote transmitters all used the same code. If your neighbor also had a garage door opener, your remote would open your neighbors garage door as well as your own. Anyone with a remote transmitter could also open your garage door.

Dip Switch Remotes

Next came remote transmitters with dip switches. Most had 8 dip switches in the transmitter. If you did not change the factory default settings anyone with a transmitter set at factory default could open your garage door.

For security purposes it was necessary to change the factory settings of a few of the dip switches. You also had to set the dip switches on the back of your power head (this is the assembly containing the motor) to match the settings in your remote.

There were 256 possible combinations for setting the code on your garage door opener. Still not a great deal of security, but much better than before.

Code grabbers could still "grab" your code whenever you used your remote.

Rolling Code

All of Overhead Door® garage door openers today come with CodeDodger® rolling code technology.

These systems can generate billions of possible codes adding an unprecedented level of security.

Since they do not contain dip switches, it is not necessary to make any changes to your remote or wireless keypad since the code automatically changes each time you activate your wireless keypad or remote.

Code grabbers are not able to capture a usable code for operating your garage door as the code changes each time you use your remote.

Supports Up to 7 Different Remotes

CodeDodger® recognizes access codes from up to seven remote controllers used to operate the same openers so each member of your family can use their own remote transmitter.


Overhead Door® CodeDodger® Access Security System is compatible with the Homelink® System.

HomeLink® is an integrated transceiver (a transmitter and receiver) that can be programmed to activate radio frequency (RF) devices such as garage doors, estate/community gates, entry door locks, home/office lighting, or other RF devices.

Johnson Controls reports there are over 30 million HomeLink®-equipped vehicles on the road - and that number is growing daily.

The HomeLink House® and HomeLink® are registered trademarks of Johnson Controls.

CodeDodger® and Overhead Door® are registered trademarks of the Overhead Door Company.

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