Commercial Garage Door Opener

If you have a business using a garage door you want a low maintenance Commercial Garage Door Opener with the strength and durability to last for a long time.

Your business may have special needs which only a commercial operator can fulfill. Your door may be opened and closed frequently throughout the day, be a large door, have special safety requirements, use special controls, or operate in a harsh environment.


Allstar states "Allstar Commercial Garage Door Opener is the industry standard in reliability and durability. We offer products to match every job, from light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty operators, and on through the toughest extended duty and extra heavy duty operators. Allstar also offers a complete line of accessories, including NEMA rated control stations, photo eyes and safety edges, and of course our own Commercial Radio Controls. Allstar has it all!"

Allstar offers both single phase and three phase operators from 1/3 HP up to 2 HP. Models include trolley, jackshaft, and gearhead operators.

Allstar accessories include Safe Finish™ Photobeams, Vitector Optoedge, Long Distance Module, Light Delay Module, and Delay On Reverse Module.


Liftmaster declares "Commercial sites have needs that are very different from residential applications, frequency of use being the most common difference. Whereas the typical garage door opener may only be used a few times daily, a commercial operator may be used several times an hour.

With this heavy industrial usage in mind, LiftMaster® has developed a full line of operators that provide the highest levels of strength and durability. LiftMaster professionals can assess precisely what you need and install a reliable system your business can count on for many years to come."

LiftMaster Commercial Garage Door Openers are available as Trolley Operators, High Cycle Trolley Operators, Hoist Operators, Jackshaft Operators, Slide Operators, and Fire Door Release Device Systems. Motors range from 1/3 to 1-1/2 HP, in single phase and 3 phase configurations.

LiftMaster Control Accessories and Options include a Solenoid Brake, Auto-Reconnect Trolley Assembly, Sensing Edge, additional Radio Controls, Key Switch, Interlock Switch, and Commercial Protector System™.


"The Marantec Commercial Garage Door openers (jackshaft and trolley) are designed for the most demanding commercial applications."--source:

  • Pro J
    Commercial/Industrial Belt Drive Jack Shaft Opener
  • Pro LJ
    Commercial Limited Duty Belt Drive Jack Shaft Opener
  • Pro LT
    Commercial Limited Duty Trolley Opener
  • Pro T
    Commercial/Industrial Trolley Opener

Marantec operators from 1/3 HP up to 1 HP in single phase or 3 phase with belt or chain drive. Marantec offers all the standard options plus external receivers.

Overhead Door Corporation

"Overhead Door Corporation offers the broadest line of electric operators to suit new construction and retrofit applications, as well as unusual or special requirements. Manufactured by Overhead Door Corporation to meet the exacting performance requirements of Overhead Door's upward-acting doors, our ribbon branded operators afford precise control of door action for years of trouble-free operation. In order to improve safety and enhance door and motor life, industry quality assurance guidelines recommend the choice of a single manufacturer for both door and operator applications. Overhead Door Corporation is the only manufacturer of a full line of commercial and industrial doors and operators specifically designed for integral applications." -- Source --

Operators are available in single phase or 3 phase, 1/3 HP up to 2 HP.

Commercial Sectional Operators

  • Model RMX
    Trolly or Side Mount
  • Model SEL
    Trolly or Side Mount
  • Model JST
    Trolly, Side Mounted
  • Model L(Center Mounted)
    Trolly, Side Mounted
  • Model SDB Mounted
    Side Mounted, Center
Counter Door Operators
  • Model CDO -- Gear-Reduced -- Front of Hood
  • Model RMX -- Belt Driven -- Wall Mounted
Rolling Door Operators
  • Model RMX -- Belt Driven -- Wall Mounted
  • Model RG -- Belt Driven -- Front-of-Hood, Top-of-Hood, Wall Mount
  • Model RDB -- Gear-Reduced -- Front-of-Hood, Wall Mount, Bench Mount

Options include Timer Package, optional light package for door status, NEMA 4, 4X and 12 Modifications, Auxiliary limit switch, Explosion Proof Modification (not available in 1/3HP units), Quick disconnect door arm for emergency operation. (Drawbar Units)


Raynor Commercial Operators are divided into 2 series, PowerHoist™ and ControlHoist™.

Motor sizes range from 1/3 to 2 HP.

"Rugged Raynor PowerHoist™ operators are available in a variety of motor, voltage and phase combinations for any commercial or industrial application. Your Raynor Dealer will help you select the operator and accessories that are suited for your door's size and usage." -- Source:

"Raynor ControlHoist™ operators with solid state logic board control are available in a variety of motor, voltage, and phase combinations for any commercial or industrial application. Your Raynor Dealer will help you select the operator and accessories that are suited for your door's size and usage." -- Source:

Each manufacturer offers several configurations to fit your needs. For more information or to select the right Commercial Garage Door Opener for your company, contact your dealer or the manufacturer.

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