Craftsman 1/2 hp Garage Opener Problem

by Othelo
(edmonton, alberta)

I installed a brand new craftsman 1/2 hp garage opener.

I used the remote to open the door but motor is not running or even humming and bulb does not turn on.

Checked all sensors and wall switch the LED is glowing steadily.

Attempted how many times but no movement of the motor.

Is this a factory defect product?

Will the wall control open and close the door?

It is really hard to say whether this is a factory defect or if you missed a simple step.

Are you sure the safety sensors are aligned properly? Are the indicator lights on both sensors lit up continuously and not blinking? Are the open and close force settings adjusted properly? Is all the wiring connected according to the instructions in your manual?

There are so many possibilities I really don't know where to begin.

Go over the installation instructions in the manual to double check your procedures. If you don't find anything, call Sears about a replacement.

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