Delden Garage Doors

Delden Garage Doors is a company located in America's Heartland, and they have eight different locations in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma. They are considered one of the top manufacturers of quality garage doors, and are considered in the middle price range when it comes to garage door costs.

They have a wide variety of products to choose from, for both residential as well as commercial applications. One of their most affordable and popular carriage doors is the Vintage line of doors. They are made from 25 gauge steel, and are available in a variety of colors.

These doors have two inches are polystyrene insulation with a backing of vinyl. They have an R-6 insulation value, because the insulation panels have gaps that reduce effectiveness. While they are still a great value, if you live in an area where the Winters are considerably harsh, or heat or air condition your garage, they are not recommended.

Delden Garage Door

However, Delden Garage Doors does have other styles of doors to choose from. For those that live in colder climates, the Delden DTR 1748 is going to be a better choice. This type of door features two steel panels, a 25 gauge external side as well as a 27 gauge inner panel.

These doors also have 2" of polyurethane insulation. This insulating material fills all the gaps and spaces of the door, giving it a R15 and higher rating. This means that your garage will be warmer in the Winter and cooler in the Summer, cutting your utility bills down.

In addition to quality steel construction, Delden garage doors are also available in custom wood models. They include a styrene insulated sub panel that is 1.25" thick, and the side that faces the interior of your garage is paint ready. Even though they make the standard rail and stile door frames, they include this panel for added strength and insulation value.

They can stain them, or leave them natural for you to finish. These doors include heavy duty hinges, rollers and track, as well as all the hardware. They also have horizontal reinforcement. While they use a standard tight knot cedar, you can specify the type of wood you would like your door to be made from.

All of their products have tongue and groove meeting rails, for a better weather seal, include a bottom weather stripping to prevent gaps and have a variety of different window placement options to choose from.

Their commercial and industrial doors are available in a variety of different sizes as well as customizable sizes. They feature commercial grade galvanized steel hardware and tracks, and feature a five year warranty on adhesives and one year on hardware and paint.

So if you live in the Midwest, and need a quality garage door, you should contact Delden Garage Doors (click on the photo above). You can go to their website and contact them through their email, or even look up a location near you. You should contact them for more information about styles to choose from, as well as costs for the doors themselves, and installation.

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