Don't have any codes or instructions on how to set us up

by Joan

We bought a house with a Challenger 9300 P1557 1/3 Horsepower garage opener. The lady who owned it was deceased and no one knew what her codes were. We can open the garage manually if we need to but would love to be able to use an opener. Any ideas on resetting and what opener we should purchase?

You should be able to use the wall control button without knowing the codes.

To reset your remote you need to verify that the battery is good or slide the cover off the remote to replace the battery.

If the remote still does not work you will have to slide the cover off the remote and the receiver. Set the switches so that they match with each other. If it still doesn't work you may have to replace the remote.

More information is in the owners manual which you can find online at

See page 14 for starters. Download a copy of the manual as it may not be available at a later time.

Best of luck,

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