Electric Garage Heaters
Enjoy the Warmth

Are you tired of getting cold, freezing and possibly catching cold while you work away in your garage? Now, you can enjoy the warmth of electric garage heaters, while driving away the cold chills when working in your shed, garage or other workspace! They are user friendly, inexpensive and offer you a perfect solution for heating the area.

They often feature simple thermostatic control, quick and clean heat so you do not have to worry about toxic fumes and other harmful emissions while staying warm and comfortable. There are various types of electric garage heaters from which you can choose to suit your personal needs for heating your garage.

Dr. Heater Electric Garage Heaters

For instance, the Dr. Heater DR966 with Built-In Thermostat is a good choice for keeping the garage at a decent temperature while you are working or just tinkering around since it is so quiet and clean. It can adequately keep areas up to 500 square feet warm and comfortable during the long winters with its 240-volt Dr. Heater DR966 dual 3000-watt/6000-watt power.

It features an automatic safety shut-off, which helps to prevent the unit from overheating and the built-in thermostat provides you with accurate temperatures for heating the garage.

The dimensions of this heater are  14.5 x 14.5 x 13 inches and weights in at about 27 pounds. It offers both vertical and horizontal flow of heat, ceiling mounting bracket for easy wall or ceiling installation. Indeed, you can surely keep any shop, workspace or garage warmly comfortable. It is also much safer to use as well as being energy efficient than the use of any propane utility heater of comparable heating power.

High-capacity heating is the objective of this model; you will enjoy using it while staying warm while it is cold outside.

You can easily heat and maintain the level of heat you require while using the built-in thermostat and the safety features are hard to beat. This is especially true when you consider that while using electric garage heaters that you never have to fret about by-product combustion, odors or open flames as well as oily or natural gas refills.

You can easily maintain your unit, since the casing features a corrosion resistant treatment and the only moving parts of the unit are the fan and motor, both of which are easy to replace. Placement is versatile since they include mounting brackets for the ceiling or wall, which means these heaters do not have to take up any of your precious floor space.

When you use a forced air heater to keep warm, you may be interested to know that all the electricity converts into heat and is 100% efficient. For instance, when you consider the expense, operation and maintenance of other types of heaters such as natural gas, propane and hot water heaters you can see how much difference using an electric heater will make of your time, efforts and money.

In summary, when it comes to using electric garage heaters, you cannot beat the price or usefulness of such an amazing and versatile appliance. You really should get yours now before the long cold days of winter are upon us, and you cannot find exactly what you need because others have beaten you to it.

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