Why Choose A
Fiberglass Garage Door

There are many different advantages of using a fiberglass garage door over conventional wood or steel. When you think of fiberglass, you should know that the door isn't made entirely of this material, there is still a strong aluminum frame, and many also have a thick layer of insulation between the panels

Fiberglass is more resistant to salt and corrosion, and this is why it is used along coastal areas. Depending on the style, it can also allow a certain amount of light to shine through adding an extra feature not fount in solid doors.

Aluminum and fiberglass are extremely light but durable. They can add years to your electric garage door opener, because it doesn't have to strain so much when lifting heavier doors. You will probably need to adjust the tension controls on your opener because of this, but this is a simple matter of turning the adjustment screws.

A fiberglass garage door has many advantages because they are available in an abundance of different styles and designs, and can fit in with other exterior features around your home. They can be painted, and stained, but they also can be purchase already colored. One of the most important aspects about these kinds of doors is that they are much less expensive that wood, or steel, and will fit into just about any budget.

Now while there are many advantages of buying a fiberglass garage door, they are not without fault. They tend to be less secure that other materials, so if you live in a high crime area then you may want to consider something a little more solid. While they do well against salty air and some humidity, if you live in an area where you have drastic climate changes, or severe winters, then you might want to get a coating put on them, or use another product.

Overall though, if you want a well made, highly attractive door that's easy to maintain, is strong and lightweight, and that when treated properly will last the tests of time, then you should choose fiberglass, whether it is new construction, or as a replacement, for your old worn out door.

If you want a garage door that won't dent, like a steel door, or start to dry out and have to be sanded and sealed like a wood door, you may want to consider this alternative. For those people who are looking for a quality door, but are on a budget, fiberglass is one option that will not only fit in with this, but will go with just about any exterior décor.

You can find a fiberglass garage door at many locations. If you are somewhat of a handyman, then you can find a selection of them at your local home improvement outlet. If you want the best selection and price, then you definitely need to go online. This is where you would also find the best person or company to come in and professionally install these doors.

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