Garage Closet Organizer

Why a garage closet organizer? If you are like most people today, you have closets all throughout the house and even the garage that are practically booby-trapped! They are so full of stuff that you are not sure when you last saw the floor or even the back wall of your closets.

It is fairly easy to organize the closets inside the home as they are generally filled with things you could donate to a charity anyway but for the stuff in the garage, you may need a different solution.

In the garage, you use many things seasonally, such as your rake, lawn mower and snow blower.

All these and tons of other things can quickly take up every free inch of space in your garage closet.

Rakes, tools and storage containers are a unique problem for organizing the garage and any closets you may have.


The first thing you should do before looking at options is to remove clutter. These are things that you have not used in 6 months to a year and they are not seasonal or specialty items. For instance the box of Christmas lights in the garage are seasonal items and the jack stands for when you change your car oil are specialty items.

If the clutter does not fall in one of these two categories, it is time to let it go! Have a garage sale or take it all to the goodwill but get it out of your garage closet. Once you have completed this heavy task you are ready to shop for a garage closet organizer.

Small Tools

Garage closets are notorious for collecting miscellaneous items and tools. If yours' has collected more than its fair share of sockets, wrenches and screwdrivers it is probably time to invest in a free standing tool box.

These are generally not super expensive and will save you time and energy later when you are desperately trying to find the hammer.

Hand Tools

Mop and Broom Holder

For larger tools that may be cluttering up your garage closet, you will need an organizer that can handle rakes, brooms, mops and other large hand tools.

A shelf/hook combination is just the ticket. On one side, there are handy hooks to keep the rake, broom and hedge trimmers off the floor and the other side contains shelves for chemicals and such.

These organizers hang on the wall and come in a variety of sizes, four foot wide being the smallest. The nice thing about these garage closet organizers is that you can hang them anywhere!

Bottom Line

Clutter and disorganization is frustrating not to mention potentially hazardous. Falling debris and spilled chemicals in the garage closet could be dangerous to your health and happiness.

The good news is there is a garage closet organizer out there perfect for your closet and lifestyle. Better yet they are not super expensive, a four-foot section like the one described above will only set you back $100 or so.

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