Garage Door Binds

by Steve
(Omaha, Ne)

We have a new garage door with a torsion spring. When we installed the garage door opener to the door the door would only go down half way and the garage door opener could not continue pushing it down.

The door wouldn't go down and the garage door opener would buck back. We can close the door manually when we push down the bottom panel.

But when we try to close the door from the position where the garage door is pushing we couldn't push the door past half way without it binding. Any ideas?

We discussed that the torsion spring wasn't adjusted correctly, but if we loosen it any more it becomes too loose and unwraps from the drum.

Obviously, the door is binding, as you described, when the garage door opener tries to close it.

Is the opener and its rail mounted at a 90 degree angle from the door? If not, this would cause the problem you describe. It doesn't have to be exact, but fairly close.

If your door cannot accept the rail bracket to mount the door at the center, then the bracket should be located as close as possible to the center and the motor hung with the same offset so the entire assembly is at 90 degrees to the door.

Adjust the torsion spring(s) according to the instructions which came with it as the problem is not the spring. Improperly adjusted springs will cause problems with the longevity of your opener, or at least the gears.

Hope this helps,

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Apr 25, 2016
Binding garage door
by: Greg

when I engage the opener for the door, it will only go about 1/3 to 1/2 the way up. When I disengage the opener, I can manually move the door up and down with no problems. Any ideas as to what may be wrong here?
Not really. It is difficult to diagnose remotely. Does the door open easily the full length of travel? Is there anything that may interfere or partially block the door or rollers? It can be surprising just how detailed the information required can be.

Dec 23, 2013
binding panels
by: Anonymous

I've been in the home for over 6years just in the last week the top two panels bind up when it's lowered how do i fix this problem?
You could start by checking the rollers that ride in the tracks on each side. If they are really worn and loose that could be your problem. If so, replace them with new rollers.

May 04, 2011
Garage Door fits too tight
by: z28dad

my garage door does not close completely. brand new house and the builder will not admit that the garage floor was poured too high. so he came over and slammed the door shut with such force that he bent the foot plate. he said that the door has to be tight to the ground. Is this true, or is he just trying to cover up his mistake.

When i release the handle on the garage to open it, you hear a loud pop, also the rubber seal on the bottom of the door is flattened from it being forced down. Is this normal?

How tight to the frame should the front of the garage door be when it is completely closed? Right now it is tight along the bottom third of the garage and the remaining 2/3 has gaps.
It sounds like the close limit is not adjusted properly. If it is located on the trolley leading from the door to the opener, move the limit further from the door.

The gaps are probably due to the floor not being level from side-to-side. It sounds like this is something the builder is not likely to want to deal with.

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