Garage Door Insulation

Garage door insulation is a way of saving energy costs by preventing loss through the garage door and it's soundproofing effect will reduce noise from outside. Garage doors insulation is available in several forms.


Kits are available from several sources. Home centers either carry kits or can order them although employees are sometimes not aware of availability. With the SKU they can look at other stores and see if they have it in stock. I got the SKU from Home Depot. The SKU is 226-871 and is made by Insulfoam.

You can call Insulfoam at 1(800) 248-5995 for the Insulfoam Rep in your area to contact to order thru Lowe's or Menards.

Kits make preventing heat loss or gain a simple process. They are designed to be easy to install by the DIY homeowner. Some kits only fit 8' doors. If you have a 15' door, you will have to cut up two kits to do the job.

Falcon Foam is another manufacturer of kits.
For further information contact Falcon Foam at:
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Tel: (866) 758-1665
Fax: (866) 752-5462
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Overhead door insulation panels are usually composed of foam or fiberglass and may have a plastic coating. Insulfoam manufactures a garage door insulation kit for those of you who wish to insulate a metal garage door.

The kit contains 8 sheets of rigid insulation laminated on one side with a high-impact, washable vinyl skin for improved durability, appearance, and easy clean up.

The insulation is 1.25"x20"x54". Two kits are needed for double doors. The kits typically cost $49.99 each, but with the cost of transportation rising so rapidly, don't be surprised if prices go up.

You can purchase foam blank panels from most home centers. You just have to measure and cut to size. Use a knife to cut part-way through, then simply snap the pieces apart.


Insulation foam is sprayed in to fill the space between inner and outer sheathing of a new insulated door. Insulating an un-insulated door can be accomplished by attaching foam panels to your garage door.

Reflective foil insulation usually consists of two layers of heavy duty polyethylene foam between sheets of aluminum foil. Another type has bubble pack between layers of aluminum foil.


Installation of fiberglass insulation board is similar to installing foam. Fiberglass boards are faced with aluminum foil on one side. Use a straight edge and a knife to cut to size.


Insulated glass panels are available from most garage door manufacturers.

Your garage door insulation problem may be mainly from drafts around the side. Threshold kits, trim kits and weather strips can be purchased at your local home center, lumber yard, hardware store, or online.

If you have an attached garage, and especially if you have living space above your garage, make sure that your garage door is properly insulated.

After doing this you might want to make sure the garage door is still balanced. The spring tension might have to be adjusted to account for the extra weight of the insulation.

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