Garage door only opens half way.

by Steve

have a chamberlain garage door opener, and only opens half way. How to repair?

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Jun 12, 2018
Older motor NEW
by: BarbaraAnonymous

Door opens less than half way. Motor model GS200SR. Should I try repair , it's 40 yrs old. Or replace? Will look at other possibilities mentioned in article.

Jan 03, 2017
Was it working before?
by: Velting Overhead Door

If your opener had been previously working and now has begun to only open the door halfway, if there is no obvious obstruction, its most likely a weak or broken spring.

Feb 18, 2016
Opens halfway
by: Nate

Did you put the garage door opener (GDO) together yourself? If so was the trolley in the down position when u put the chain on? The limits don't always have enough adjustment

Dec 04, 2015
This Genie came from somewhere other than a bottle!
by: Mike A.

Thank you for your suggestions, but "have been there and done that". Genie, ( chain drive and not my choice of openers but that was what the contractor put in. Genie once was a quality item but not anymore IMHO)The call center, for Genie, here in Dallas, did not have a clue and wanted me to re do the whole set up again...not me, as it was a bear doing it the first time. The young lady went over her standard sheet of questions and items and then did not have any answers or suggestions, other than one of the key pad numbers might be worn.

It usually will take as few as two times and as many as six times to make the door go up or down ( the direction does not make any difference).......Mike A.

Dec 03, 2015
So many possibilities!
by: Donald

I would first check the open limit switch - it tells your control board when the door is fully open.

Then disconnect the opener and check the door for ease of movement or binding throughout its travel.

Check for obstructions that stop the door at this point.

Check for worn rollers.

Check for a bent channel which might cause the rollers to bind.

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