Garage Door Opener
no Longer a Luxury

The Overhead Garage Door Opener is no longer a luxury. You can now obtain a new unit at reasonable prices.

A properly operating unit will save you having to get out of your car in bad weather and also save your back.

There are a few different types available. The different types include chain drive, screw drive, belt drive, and torsion bar drive.


If you are the handyman type (mechanically inclined) you can install a new unit yourself. You only need a few guidelines toward purchasing a unit for your own installation. Some units require professional installation.


Regular maintenance will keep your overhead garage door opener operating smoothly and dependably for many years.


Today's remotes can be reprogrammed as needed. Replacements are readily available online and offline if yours is lost or broken.

Commercial Openers

Commercial openers may have different features than those for home use due to the environment they work in or the difference in door design.


Troubleshooting an improperly or non- operating unit is a step-by-step procedure. First determine if the problem is the opener or the door itself.


Once you determine the problem with your opener, repairs are simple enough as long as you have a few basic tools.


You can usually acquire the necessary parts online or at your local home center or lumberyard.



What safety features are built into your garage door operator? Unless yours is really ancient, it should have automatic reversal built in. If the door encounters an obstruction while closing, it is supposed to reverse. If not properly maintained, this safety feature can get out of adjustment. If not adjusted properly, this can be a danger to adults and especially to small children and pets.

A new safety feature was added in 1993. When you purchase your new overhead garage door opener, make sure it comes with an infrared transmitter and receiver.

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