Garage Door Opener
No Overhead Rail or Motor

Tired of leaving your RV outside where the weather works on it? Finish suffers due to sunlight, hail damage, and tree sap? Sunlight can cause the finish colors to fade. Hail damage is unsightly and costly to repair. Tree sap can be difficult to clean and leave stains.

You may need all the clearance you can get to park your RV in the garage.

With wall mount garage door openers you can have a bare ceiling. No overhead rail or power unit to get in the way. Wiring is less complicated as well.

Several manufacturers include wall mount operators in their commercial or industrial line of products.

The Wayne-Dalton iDrive is especially designed for home use. It mounts on the wall above the door, not on the ceiling. There is no overhead rail. If Wayne-Dalton pinch resistant doors are used, infra-red safety beam sensors are not required.

That's right; the Wayne-Dalton iDrive uses smart technology to sense obstructions so that safety beam sensors are not required by code. The idrive for TorqueMasterᵀᴹ is designed so the torsion spring is enclosed in a sealed tube, greatly increasing safety. You cannot access the torsion spring until all spring tension has been released. This is an ideal unit for the Do-It-Yourself installer.

Check with your local home center or garage door opener dealer about what is available in your area, and visit my Wayne-Dalton iDrive page for more information.

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