Garage Door Opener
Remote Control

Today’s garage door opener remote uses rolling code technology with billions of code possibilities. Each time you open your garage door, a new code is generated. A high level of security is obtained using modern technology.

How Do Garage Door Opener Transmitters Work?


If your car has a built in radio control opener remote, when programming a garage door opener or gate, it is advised to unplug the device during the Homelink Programming and also if performing the "cycling" process to prevent possible motor burn-up. See your automobile owners’ manual for more details if needed.

Most universal remotes for older, non-rolling code remotes can be programmed by taking your remote into the garage and setting the dip switches to match the receiver on the garage door opener motor control.

With rolling code remotes such as Codedodger and Intellicode you will usually be able to program your remote by pressing the learn button once, the light should start binking, then press the button on your remote and the light should stay on. Press the button on your remote again and the light should go out. Your remote should now be programmed.


Some of the more popular replacements:

Blue Max Garage Door Opener Remotes

Genie Remote Transmitters