Selecting Your New Garage Door Opener

Selecting Your New Garage Door Opener - some questions to answer before choosing the best unit for your garage:

What type garage door opener should you choose?

  • Chain Drive
    Noisiest, but advances in technology, design, and materials have made them much quieter.
    With todays new operators the most noticeable noise on a new installation is from motor vibration.
    Models using enclosed chains are less noisy, permanently lubricated, and require no periodic adjustments to the chain.
    Get an optional noise dampening mounting system to eliminate most vibration noise.

  • Screw Drive
    Fewest moving parts to wear out
    Some models use a coating on the rail to insure no metal-to-metal contact in order to reduce noise.
    Some open at twice the normal speed and close at the normal 7" per second for safety.

  • Belt Drive
    belts are reinforced much like a radial tire
    no metal-to-metal contact

  • Wall Mount
    No overhead rail
    Opens more overhead garage storage space
    May be quieter than belt drive

What HP do you need to open and close your door?

  • 1/3 HP will lift lightweight doors, single or double wide

  • 1/2 HP will operate all but the heaviest double wide carriage house doors

  • 3/4 HP will handle any residential garage doors currently on the market

What Accessories will you need or want?

  • Remote Control Transmitters
    Modern remotes use rolling code technology, changing the code each time you use your remote
    Available in sunvisor clip-on or keychain sizes
    Some new cars come with 'Homelink' remotes installed

  • Keyless Entry
    Just enter your code numbers to operate your door opener.
    Panels are usually lighted.
    Wireless systems eliminate the need for wiring

  • Parking Guide
    Easily park your car in the same spot each time
    Especially useful if limited space available

  • Exterior Safety Locks With Cable
    Disconnect your opener from outside during power outage
    Keyed lock
    Compatible with all brands
    Attaches through the top of the garage door

  • Motion-detector
    Automatically turns on your lights when entering the garage
    No tripping over obstacles in the dark
    Easy to install

  • Lightning Suppressor Kit
    Used to protect the safety sensors and logic boards from electrical storms and power surges.

  • Heavy Duty Light Bulbs
    Standard bulbs burn out often due to vibration
    Longer bulb life - 12,000 or 20,000 hours

A Final Word of Advice

Always, always save your owners manual where it will not get lost or destroyed. It can be frustrating trying to find one online. Manuals for older models are just not available. Those for current models come and go, so they may not be available when you need them.

My personal feeling is that garage door opener manufacturers should keep the manuals online for at least 10 years after a model is discontinued, but the corporate world may not agree.

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