Garage Door Opener Sensor Override

Developing a garage door opener sensor override to bypass infrared safety sensors is not recommended. The fact is there is no provision to bypass this system as it is built into the control board.

National Electrical codes require that all safety sensors be properly adjusted and operating.

National Consumer Protection and Safety Commission (CPSC) reports show that a number of children have been injured or killed by faulty garage door opener safety sensors. And adults are not immune to these mishaps or tragedies either.

Both children and adults have suffered broken bones, concussion, and brain damage, as well as death.

The only safe way to get rid of those infrared safety sensors is to install a Wayne-Dalton idrive garage door opener with Wayne-Dalton pinch resistant doors. Photo Eyes are required on 8000 Series doors because they are not pinch-resistant (UL325). The Wayne-Dalton idrive garage door opener is programmed to learn the opening and closing force required by your garage door. Since they are programmed to reverse when meeting an obstacle, infrared safety beams are not required.

Visit this Wayne-Dalton webpage to learn more about garage door opener sensor override.

Re: There has to be a way to disable garage door opener safety sensors!

Only by designing a new control board. This safety feature is built-in and purposely left with NO way to bypass the system.

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