Garage Door Opens About 2 Feet

by Lee

I have a Liftmaster Formula I, probably 1995 model.

It has been working with out problems for ever.
All of a sudden, when you try to open the door, it opens only about 2 feet and stops.

It makes a noise like it is disconnecting from the track. If you hit the wall switch or the remote it will close.

I then have to pull the release cord and raise the door manually. Once the door is raised completely (manually), I push the wall switch or remote and the carriage will travel back toward the opener and attach itself to the door.

Then I must push the switch and the door will close.

But it will only open 2 feet when I try it again.
I have checked the tracks on each side of the door and they are clear.



Lee, can you tell where the noise is coming from? Can it be that the gears (plastic) are partially stripped?

Do you still have the owners manual? If not, go to LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Owners Manuals and download a copy.

Any of those for the chain drive will work. There have been very few real changes.

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