Garage Door opens but won't close

by Lionel
(Gretna La.)

Garage door opens but will not close.When I press the remote or wall mount it trys to close but opens back up.Each time I try the travel gets shorter until it travels about a foot.

The overhead lights do not blink and the yellow and green lights do not blink.It had been working for about 2years.What adjustments do I make?

right at the top of the FAQ page you will see a link to a page about "my garage door opens but it won't close".

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Mar 04, 2014
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the helpful website.
Downward force adjustment worked for me also, little less then a quarter turn. Door would open fine, but while closing it would reverse itself at different points of travel. Glad I got this figured out, wife was getting pissed.

May 26, 2012
Garage door opens but won't close
by: Lionel

I made the adjustment of the down control on the unit of 1/4 of a turn and it solved the problem of THE GARAGE DOOR WILL NOT CLOSE OR WILL NOT STAY CLOSED. Actually the original adjustment had moved due to vibration of the unit. Which came from daily use of the garage door. Thanks to all the suggestions.

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