Garage Door Screen
Transform Your Garage
into a Multi-Use Room

Installation of a garage door screen can make greater use of your garage space. It allows use of the area without having to keep the main door shut.

People do so much with their garages nowadays. Some use these as recreation areas, while others use them as huge storage bins. Typically however, these are rooms that are not air-conditioned and thus their use may be subject to the weather.

What is a Garage Door Screen?

A screen is typically mounted on tracks similar to the traditional door and is either raised or dropped by hand or through a motorized attachment. They are used when the present garage door is in the retracted position. The garage screen is made from translucent nylon materials and operates similar to the way shades are pulled up and down.

Garage Door Screen

There is a version that is attached through use of Velcro instead of making it a permanent installation. Often a Velcro screen is used on small garage spaces or open car ports to enclose them.

Fresh Air Flowing

There are quite a few benefits from the installation making it a perfect solution for anybody who wants to use the space for a number of general purposes while allowing fresh air to constantly flow through the area. Often, a screen door is a great solution when ventilation is needed for people who are working on home improvement projects in the space, such as painting.

Opening the traditional garage door without having a screen in its place will allow all the bugs, insects, pests, leaves and debris access to your area. Use of one will prevent most elements from flying in and around.

Due to the fact that the screening is translucent, all natural light will be filtering through while most styles are opaque but do block ultraviolet rays. Installation allows homeowners to turn the garage into a multipurpose room.

Easy to Maintain

The garage door screen is made out of easy to carry nylon materials. These typically can be cleaned with a mild soap and water. Periodic maintenance will help ensure a long life for a garage screen door. Storage is quite simple since installed screen doors simply rollup and are out of sight.

Another great feature about a garage screen door is that it does not need any professional installation. They are quite user-friendly and are simple to install employing traditional household tools. You don't need to hire a contractor in order to install your new screen.

Durable but not Indestructible

Installing one will provide you with a great deal of use from the garage space. However, as durable as a well made screen door can be, it should never take the place of the original garage door. The nylon material can be cut and ripped up and would be susceptible to high winds, particularly if the edges are not secured and they are allowed to fly around.

If your garage door screen is properly cared for, you can plan on it lasting quite a few years.

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