Garage Door Service
What Do You Get?

Garage door service is repairing or attaching your garage door, whether it is a new install, or repairing broken panels, or hardware, and even attaching the door opener properly.

While some people are mechanically inclined enough to do these themselves, others may need a professional to come in and take care of the problem for them. There are many different companies available.

Before you start working on your garage door yourself, it is a good idea to sit down and really think about your skill level. Sure, there are some things that just about any one can do on their own, like replacing screws or even easy to remove panels, but when it comes to actually setting up your garage door, or even the opener, then you really need to make sure you can do it.

A garage door opener may seem easy to put up at first glance, but there are many complicated parts to it, like precise balancing of the counter weight, so the door doesn't slam down, or sensors that detect the presence of an obstruction.

Here are just a few things that a professional garage door service company can provide. They have dedicated people who can come out and perform many different functions, because they have fully equipped vehicles. They can fix and repair garage doors, openers, and even put in new installations. If you have an emergency, like the neighbor kid throw a ball through your garage door window panel, they will even come out and fix that.

Whether you have a regular garage door, or some special door, then a garage door service can help. When you are looking for a company, they should be licensed and bonded, with many years of experience, as well as training in the kind of door or opener that you have installed in your garage. Maybe you have a wooden carriage style door that needs special attention, or a heavy duty steel door with special weights on it. They should be able to install, fix or adjust any of these styles and more.

While some companies may specialize in just doors, others may do all sorts of other things. They may be able to install fireplaces, porches and patios, etc. The problems with these companies is that some may charge higher prices than someone that just does garage doors.

Another thing you have to look for when finding the right garage door service is a company that offers free estimates. They should also be able to come out and assess the damage, or your needs, and give you a price, how much time it will take to do the job, and work with you and your insurance company if this is the case. If they find that the reason the door isn't working properly because there is a problem with the garage itself, they should be able to fix it as well as the door.

You should really look at their website, if there is one, and look over all the different services they provide, as well as any certificates they may have. You should also compare prices with several companies, if you have that many in your area. A good tip is to skip the cheapest as well as the most expensive, and find one from the remaining that suits your needs and budget.

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