The Importance Of
Garage Door Weather Stripping

No matter where you live, you need garage door weather stripping. For those that live in the Northern Tier, it is essential for keeping the cold harsh Winter weather from coming into your garage, and if the garage is attached to your house, your home as well.

This will keep your electricity bills lower, and stop any drafts from coming in around the door. Even those people who live in milder climates can benefit. It stops cool air from coming in, and blocks dust and debris.

If you want to have a garage door in good condition for a long time, then you need to do regular maintenance. This includes checking to make sure everything is working properly, that all the screws and bolts are tight and secure, and that rollers and track are clean and free of debris.

It also means that you need to do a regular inspection of the garage door weather stripping as well. This is a barrier of rubber in between the door sections, as well as the piece that runs the complete length of the bottom of the door itself.

Your garage door frame may also have a strip of rubber material all around the frame as well, so when the door is closed, it maintains a tight seal.

In addition, weather stripping doesn't just work during the Winter, it also keeps the heat out of your garage during the Summer. It also provides an extra noise barrier, and the weather stripping between the door panels stops the door itself from rattling when your garage door opener is working.

While this weather stripping is pretty durable, it is also vulnerable to the elements and doesn't last forever. If you have had the same garage for a long time, and start hearing a rattling sound when the door is lifted, or feel a draft even with insulated doors, maybe it's your weather stripping.

While this is a rubber type material, it doesn't get brittle, and damaged if the door itself gets damaged, or just getting bumped. You can easily replace your own garage door weather stripping, and it isn't hard to do. Most hardware stores and home improvement retailers carry a wide variety of weather stripping products.

The first thing you want to do is check the old weather stripping. This can be done by partly opening the garage door, and looking in between the panels, along the bottom, as well as the door frame. You can usually tell right away if it needs to be replaced. Remove the old worn out material, then make sure the surface is clear and smooth. Then apply the new material.

On door frames, the stripping is already attached to a plastic piece which is nailed in place, and you just remove the nails in the old weather stripping and replace it, starting from the top runner. You should have the garage door closed while attaching the new strips, then you can makes sure it has a tight fit.

Regular maintenance of your garage door weather stripping is essential for keeping drafts out of your garage, keeping dust and debris from coming in, and many other factors. It should be just like maintenance on any other part of your garage or home, and check at least twice a year.

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