Garage Door Won't Open or Close with Remote

(Saint Joseph, MO)

I just moved into a home that has an Overhead Python garage door opener. The door was working just fine for the first two weeks and then it quit operating with the remote.

I replaced the battery and it still isn't functioning. It will go up just fine with the wall control and it will only close with the wall unit if we depress it and hold it.

Is there something I can do myself to repair this or do I need to call in a service repairman?

The garage door not closing unless you hold the wall control button in until it is fully closed is a very common problem. Your safety sensors are out of alignment.

There is one on each side of your garage door, near the bottom.

They should both be at the same height. If you get down to eye level you can see that the indicator light on the recieving unit is blinking rapidly.

Twist the sending unit until the bracket bends slightly. When they are properly aligned, the indicator light will stay on constantly with no blinking.

As for your remote, if with a new battery it still will not open the door, replace it - cheaper than a service call.

Overhead Door openers are made by Genie and parts are interchangeable.

Look for a Genie remote that works with "Intellicode" openers. You will find several at

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