Finding The Right Garage Doors Insulated

For people who have attached garages, it is important to find the right garage doors insulated, because not having an insulated door can cause your electricity bill to go sky high in the Winter. It isn't just getting an insulated garage door though, you have to get a quality one as well. There are some important tips for picking the right door for wherever you may live.

The first thing to look for when you check out garage doors insulated is their R rating. This R value is what the door's thermal resistance is, whether it is keeping out the cold in the Winter, or keeping out heat in the Summer. Insulated doors work both ways really.

These values are rated from 5-10.25, with 10.25 being the highest level possible. For people living in mild climates, a low rating is all right, while those people who live in the Northern Tier should always try to buy the highest rating available in your area.

In addition to the resistance rating, what the garage doors are insulated with is just as important. If you have a door that has some kind of Styrofoam sheeting inside will not be as efficient, because air is allowed to pass through the cracks and crevices between the sheeting and the door itself. These also have a fairly low rating anyway, and even in warmer climates, they are still not that energy efficient.

If you are looking for quality garage doors insulated, they should not only have a high rating, but use a polyurethane foam in between the door itself. In many cases, this is a spray foam, and is the best way to fill in all the gaps in the door. It pushes all the air out, and fills in every crack and crevice with insulation.

These types of garage doors are the best choice if you want to keep your heating bill lower in an attached garage, and below freezing in a garage that is separated from the house. However, it is not just enough to have an insulated door, you need to make sure you also install the proper weather stripping as well.

Insulation has other advantages besides just keeping your electricity bills low. Because they fill up all the gaps and provide an extra layer of protection, they will also cut your noise levels down. An insulated door will reduce the rattle of automatic garage openers, and if you are entertaining guests or use your garage for hobbies that have a tendency to be loud, like metal or wood working, it will make your neighbors far more happy.

You can buy garage doors insulated from a variety of suppliers, and these come in just as many styles and colors as any other garage door. With a little know how, some instructions, and a few good cans of non-expanding polyurethane insulation, you can even fill up the gaps in your garage door on your own for much cheaper than buying a brand new product, or having a professional come and do it for you. You can buy high quality non-expanding spray foam from any home improvement outlet, in your local area.

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