Garage Floor Coating
Choosing the Best

Choosing the right garage floor coating has a lot to do with the condition that your floor is currently in. If you just purchased an older home or a repossessed property, your garage is probably in pretty sad shape. Flaking paint and cracks makes a coating close to impossible to consider.

You probably don't realize it if you've never had a garage before but your garage floor can be one of the most important areas in your home. The garage floor has to withstand weather, grease and grime, abuse and an array of projects, including kids. No one thinks of the damage that they may do to the garage floor. After all, it is the garage.

Interlocking garage floor tiles is a great alternative to coating a really damaged floor. Floating tiles (some are made out of recycled tires) are simple to install and give your garage a showroom quality appearance with several different colors and styles. There are also tiles make of vinyl that are also comfortable on your feet. Most companies offer long-term warranties to show just how durable they are.

Masonry stains are also available in a wide variety of colors and an easy to apply garage floor coating. If you've ever painted your house, you are qualified! This is the cheapest way to go but you will be cleaning and reapplying every couple of years. It comes in a solvent-based formulation or a waterborne acrylic. If you live in the northern states that receive snow and ice, the solvent-based is more durable for this type of wear and tear. The least durable coating that you can choose but right for your pocketbook if you are on a tight budget.

If you have a sound garage floor but it is pitted and appears to have been poorly installed, a concrete overlay is a good choice to bring it back to the way it was meant to look. You are basically pouring a quality-designed mixture of concrete and bond over the top of the existing floor, using forms just as if you are pouring a new floor only a lot thinner. Your floor will be solid and can then take a topcoat of urethane to make it sparkle.

Epoxy is an excellent choice if you are up to the work that is necessary but boy, is it worth it. Your floor has to be tested for any dampness and all cracks need to be filled. Acid etching is recommended and the cleaning is the toughest part. There cannot be any stains or grease when you lay the finish.

A respirator is needed for the strong fumes and this is a two-day job when the weather is not damp or cold but the results are amazing. Choices in colors or color chips can set off your floor further. If there is any way possible, this is the best, most lasting and durable choice of all.

Depending on your needs and the condition of your garage floor, a garage floor coating can protect your floor from the beating that it will surely be taking and still look magnificent.

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