Garage Floor Coatings

For homeowners that are looking for more usable space in their home, garage floor coatings can transform a dirty, old garage into additional space for a home office, game room or storage. Some garage floors have all kinds of dirt, oil and grime all over and they are slippery, smelly and damp.

Of course, if you think you have a moisture problem, you will need a vapor barrier layer before normal application in order to make them adhere.

Before you ever look into your options, you may want to test for moisture by cutting a 2 foot by 2 foot piece of plastic and tape it to the garage floor. If it has excessive moisture on the underside after 24 hours, then you have a moisture problem that will cause problems with any garage floor coatings.

There are many do-it-yourselfers that tackle this project and it is possible for the average homeowner to do it, providing they use the proper techniques for cleaning, preparation and application.

Some homeowners opt for the professional companies that can do it with precision and even at that, the whole process can take up to a week before you can walk on it.

Most of the garage floor coatings are an epoxy process and often they will add acrylic paint chips to the base color, which adds a pattern to the floor. You can also add slip-resistant additives and many people may prefer a quartz or stone aggregate, which can withstand heavier usage.

It is best to decide on what type of coatings you need based on your floor. They are a great way to hide imperfections, especially if you use heavy chips.

To prepare the garage floor, it needs to be stripped of any dirt, oils and sealers and then may need to be sanded. If there are cracks to be filled, then you can use epoxy crack fillers for small ones and scrap back to even with the surface.

If they are larger cracks, then you will need to fill them slightly over surface and sand them to correct level after they have dried. After you have cleaned with an acid wash, then you need to neutralize with ammonia. You are now ready to apply primer.

There are three steps to garage floor coatings-primer, base coat and top coat sealer. The primer will help the base coat adhere to the floor. Some people will sand between the primer and base coat layers, but this isn�t always necessary, but is often recommended between the base coat chip layer and the top coat sealer layer.

You have to be sure to allow plenty of time between layers for each coating to dry completely. Once the floor is completed, the epoxy sealer should dry at least two days before foot traffic and a week for vehicle traffic.

Since the entire process can be quite involved, many people choose to have the coatings professionally applied.

If you don't care that much about the appearance of your garage floor, or if your home is fairly new, you may just want to clean thoroughly and seal. If you want an attractive garage floor that can be used for a variety of purposes, then you will want to consider garage floor coatings that are attractive and easy to keep clean. You just need to use mild soap and water to wipe up stains, oil and dirt.

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