Garage Floor Mats: Garage Mat- Gray- 3' x 4'

by Donald

Gray containment mat measuring 3' W x 4' L.

Too small for your car but good for smaller items like lawn mowers and smaller 3 or 4 wheeled bikes. Can also be used under your car to catch oil drips.

These are for catching mud, snow, and ice that your device carries in from outdoors.

Easily taken outside for cleaning.

Manufacturer Description

"Put an end to unnecessary wear and tear to your garage with this fantastic Garage Mat. This mat will catch every bit of mud, dirt, and grime that may fall off of your car or truck.

With this mat, you will reduce the amount of dirt that gets tracked into your home from your garage.

Constructed of heavy-duty vinyl, this mat also stops liquid from seeping into the floor of your garage. This durable, 50mil thick mat lies smoothly, is puncture resistant, and is easy to roll out.

Available in seven sizes. It is recommended that you choose a size that will allow you to park your entire car, truck or motorcycle on the mat, while still allowing room for a walkway around your vehicle.

Sizes include: 3' x 4' - A Perfect Mat to Catch Oil Drips. 4.5' x 9' - Great For Most Motorcycles! 7.5' x 14' 7.5' x 16' 7.5' x 18' 7.5' x 20' 7.5' x 22'

Assembly level/degree of difficulty: Easy. Made in America"

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