Garage Floor Mats: G-Floor Garage Floor Protector with 55 mil Rib Channel (Slate Grey)

by Donald

Provides a cushion more than 1/2" thick to provide some anti fatigue cushioning. Measures 0.055"H x 7.5'W x 14'L.

Perfect size for small cars.

Manufacturer Description

"Get the best of all worlds when covering your garage floor.

Durable protection, sharp looks and easy cleaning make the G-Floor Garage Floor Protector with 55 mil Rib Channel Design ideal for turning your slab into something much better.

The ultra-durable, non-porous PVC G-Floor material is specially shaped in a ribbed pattern to channel liquids away from your feet and your house.

Common garage chemicals like motor oil, battery acid, antifreeze and gasoline can't get past to damage or stain.

Installing this roll-out garage flooring is a breeze. Simply roll the G-Floor into place and fine-trim with a utility knife.

Because it's a heavy-duty garage floor protector, the G-Floor stays in place without adhesive. In just minutes, you get a great-looking surface ideal for walking, working and parking.

? Channels liquids & debris out of garage
? Reduces amount of dirt tracked into home
? Easy installation-No adhesives required
? Helps prevent concrete deterioration
? Vapor barrier, moisture will not penetrate
? Prevents concrete, soil. & water contamination
? Overlap or butt together for seamless look
? Provides anti-fatigue benefit
? Hides cracks & stains in older floors
? Easy to move when cleaning is needed
? Easy to cut for custom fit
? Cushioned comfort for walking & working
? Thermal Insulation and noise reduction
? Ultra durable-Formulated to last for years G-Floor Garage Floor Protector"

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