Garage Floor Protection

Why garage floor protection? The garage floor is often the most neglected floor in the whole house. It is viewed as a "parking lot" type of space that's free to collect oil and other minor debris from the external environment.

However, overlooking this floor could be a mistake because a good-looking and neat garage not only enhances your mood, it also prevents the tires from spinning out of control as you take the car in or out of the garage. And it increases safety as it also stops people from slipping.

  • Here are some garage floor protection strategies that can help:
  • Compare the different garage flooring options. You can choose between painting the floor with epoxy paint, concrete staining, laying rubber mats, tile stamping, and more.
  • Check for garage floor covering material and labor costs - some options are more expensive than others. Secondly, you may require a reputed contractor to install the material because special tools and skills may be required to do the job - so, factor in contractor costs as well.
  • Epoxy-painting the garage floor is the simplest and the fastest garage floor protection option. Remember to choose a robust paint brand that can handle wear and tear generated by walking people, spilling cans, battery acids, engine leaks, chemical spillages, and more.
  • The paint should be scratch-proof and good-looking (read as compatible) as well. Finally, use the right equipment while applying paint because you don't want it to be inconsistent or peeling off after a short while.
  • Garage mats are another option. These are easy to install once you have your garage properly measured. The mat should be able to handle all the general abuse that is hurled at a typical garage floor (chemicals, paint, leaks, oil, acid, humans walking, garage sales, etc.). It should also be easily washable/vacuum-able.
  • Garage mats may even work as well and at less cost than repairing a damaged concrete garage floor.
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  • Garage floor protection tiles represent a convenient option. These are made of plastic or ceramic and are very easy to walk on and drive. Plus, these tiles are easy to install and can handle a whole lot of physical abuse from humans and chemicals. These are colorful as well, and so you can convert your garage into a work of art by using tiles.

    Ceramic tiles cost more money and special laying skills, but they are considered as the best option. The tile that you choose should be much thicker than the home tiles. These tiles do not require much maintenance and are very robust.

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  • The assumption so far is that your garage floor is concrete-stained. If it isn't yet, and you are looking for something that is cheap and reliable, go with concrete staining. However, know that a clear stain (colors are available) will make your garage resemble an automobile workshop and it will require some maintenance as well. So, if you're about to concrete-stain your floors, consider epoxy-painting.

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    Choosing a garage floor protection depends on the budget and purpose. Once you have finalized what you want done on the floor, compare a few vendors and settle for the most reliable and reputed service provider.

    Maintain your new garage floor from time to time by sweeping out the debris and power-washing the floor thoroughly. A robust and good-looking garage floor covering enhances the look of the garage and makes for a pleasurable experience.

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