Garage Floor Protectors
A New Revolution

And just what is a new revolution in garage floor protectors?

You've read all about refinishing your garage floor with the newest polyurethane coatings and know what a fantastic difference that it would make on your garage but the time and work involved just does not fit into your schedule. Now there is another option that is simple and cost effective to provide many years of quality wear for your garage floor.

Constructed from flexible PVC material, a new roll out virtually seamless floor is available that will give you protection from corrosive road materials such as antifreeze, oil and salt and will prevent your concrete from deteriorating. PVC provides anti-fatigue properties to stand up to any industrial garage conditions while being flexible.

This flooring protector comes in 10' wide roll on sections and is easy to cut to the exact size of your garage and around any permanent obstacles. These garage floor protectors could be the answer to your problems with garage floor care.

Different styles and colors help you to determine a personal decor of your garage, especially if you have just purchased storage cabinets or other attractive pieces for your garage. Black, sandstone, blue, green, slate gray, or brick red are some colorful choices for you to consider. Diamond tread or ribbed patterns are also options for a skid free surface.

If your floor needs cleaned, the entire protector can be rolled up, taken outside, and hosed down. This seamless floor can also be cut into floor mats where extra concrete protection is needed, in or out of the garage. On a patio, in front of an outside door or even on basement steps to add tread, this material can be added almost anywhere.

Self-stick tiles of similar material are also available if you have a smaller garage. Most measure 12" x 12" but there are 18" x 18" tiles available, depending on your particular application. Different patterns and colors can also be found to give your garage a professional flair.

Perhaps you have always wanted race style flooring with black and white tiles.  Now it is entirely possible in very little time. It is recommended that this type of flooring be coated with a clear coat of sealant in order to fill any seams where the tiles come together to prevent dirt from getting into any creases and working the tiles up in the future.

New technology has given way to resources to make the best decision for garage floor protectors that can beautify your garage, shop or work area. Most come with a five-year warranty, insulate and reduce noise, cushions your floor, and helps to prevent concrete damage.

A simple solution to a garage floor that has numerous cracks and stains; this new non-porous surface can be the answer to your problems with installation in just a few hours in obtaining a professional style appearance.

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