Garage Floor Sealer
Choosing and Applying

Garage floor sealer is incredibly important, and can ensure that your garage lasts far longer. Garages are extremely high traffic areas, which need to be protected from spills and erosion. Therefore, taking the time to select the right sealant will ensure that your garage floor remains looking perfect for many years.

There are several different sealants which you can choose, and the process can begin to seem daunting. However, if you take the time to find the correct sealant, applying garage floor protection is extremely easy.

The concept of a garage floor sealer is to ensure that any liquids, which are spilled on the floor do not penetrate into the concrete. They can also protect against dirt, grime, dust and road salt that may collect within your garage.

Before applying any sealant to the garage floor, your garage will need to be emptied and cleaned. This will ensure that the job can be done correctly and safely ensuring that every inch of the floor is sealed. Once you have emptied the entire garage, you can begin to clean the floor, which can be done with a broom and a hose.

If you do not take the time to clean the floor thoroughly, any dirt which is left will be sealed on top of the garage floor. Also, the sealant is designed to stick to the surface of the floor; therefore, if the floor is not clean it may not be able to. Applying the garage floor sealer is extremely easy and can be done with a roller or brush depending on your preference.

Floor sealant can be purchased in different tones, to allow you to choose the one that matches your personal taste. Garage floor protection is not terribly exciting; however, there is no excuse for it to be unattractive. Clear sealants allow the original texture, color and design of the flooring to show through; however, this may not be preferred with a concrete floor.

Typically you will only need to use one coat of garage floor sealer; therefore, the job will not take that long to complete. However, the sealant may take some time to dry thoroughly, and you need to ensure that the floor is thoroughly dry before returning the items to your garage. If the floor is still wet and tacky, you may damage the floor and the contents by rushing to place everything back.

Garage Floor Sealer: Endura Seal 100% Acrylic Concrete Sealer - 5 Gallon
Endura Seal 100% Acrylic Concrete Sealer - 5 Gallon
Garage Floor Sealer: Valspar 002.0051390.007 VOC Quikrete Wet Look High Gloss Concrete Sealer
Valspar 002.0051390.007 VOC Quikrete Wet Look High Gloss Concrete Sealer
Garage Floor Sealer: Rust-Oleum Gal Nat Stain/Sealer 239417 Masonry/Concrete Stain
Rust-Oleum Gal Nat Stain/Sealer 239417 Masonry/Concrete Stain

Remember that you will need to paint from the far wall towards the garage door, and not paint yourself into a corner. Although that may sound obvious, it is surprising how many people do still do this when applying garage floor protection. You should also be careful when applying the sealant as it will stain anything that it comes into contact with.

The fumes may also be very intense; therefore, you should try to ventilate the garage as much as possible. Applying the sealant is a basic task; however, you need to ensure that you follow the correct health and safety to keep you and your family safe.

You must ensure that pets are locked out of the garage while the garage floor sealer is being applied. If you are sensible when applying the sealer, it can be a very satisfying job to see it complete.

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