Garage Floor Sealers
Kits Make the Job Easier

Most homeowners do not know where to turn when it comes to purchasing garage floor sealers. This is why many of the major manufacturers of epoxy coating or polyurethane coating have put together kits for sealing garage floors. Detailed instructions, square footage covered and a list of tools (if not included) are included along with the sealant to help you do the job right.

When trying to decide which sealer kit will work best for you, consider your weather conditions, amount of traffic and how much you use your garage. Salt is deadly to concrete so if you live in the northern states where snow is part of the season, you do not want your sealant to let you down.

Cleaning is still first and foremost on any garage cement floor. Some kits come with a degreaser and instructions on how to clean before applying finishes. It is still necessary to fill cracks and remove flaking paint or any old finish that is peeling off to get your primer or base coat to adhere.

Look for whether or not primer is included in your kit. An etching primer or base coat is recommended because it creates an unbreakable bond to the surface that it is applied to. This way, you are not applying sealant directly onto the concrete surface that may have questionable areas prone to dampness or past harsh treatment to an unprotected floor.

If you need to purchase a primer, check for an acid etching bond that will adhere to any type surface.

When it comes to the garage floor sealers kit itself, there are quite a few choices on the market today. Some brands recommend several topcoats so your square footage measurements will need to allow for this. The only type of sealant that requires one coat only is the cycloaliphatic 100% solids epoxy. Most epoxies are 30 to 40% solids so check on the percentage of solids in the kit and figure how much product that you will need.

There are some new environmental kits on the market today that claim to have very low odor and VOC compliant so the fear of toxic fumes is not as great. Silicone based and fortified with epoxy-ester that leaves a self-leveling protective finish to make your floor even and uniform.

Almost all kits come with acrylic chips that help give the presence of an even, professional look and some chips aid in making a non-skid surface. Search out companies that offer assistance in any problems you may encounter once you have begun your project. The worst thing in the world is to get halfway done with a job and run into a problem that is not addressed in your kit.

Go to the Internet and find some independent review sites in addition to manufacturers sites to hear what type of experience others have had in using a particular kit. You may be surprised to learn that other homeowners share the same complaints or praise for the very product you are looking at.

Most kits run anywhere from .65 to $1.00 per square foot if all materials are enclosed. Lastly, a long guarantee signifies a reputable manufacturer that will stand behind their garage floor sealers.

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