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There are many different garage floor covering ideas to choose from, depending on your needs and of course your budget. Your garage floor is one of the most important aspects of your garage, but it also takes the most abuse.

Garage Floor Mats are the perfect solution when you want to avoid the somewhat lengthy process of installing epoxy floors. Get instant coverings that may take only minutes to install.

Whether you are someone who spends a lot of time in your garage or you just use it to store things and only come in once in a while, you will find that looking into garage floor coatings can be quite important when you are looking at taking care of your property.
Importance of Garage Floor Coatings

Cleaning garage floors requires as much attention as the rest of the house and will need done regularly to keep your floor looking as good as possible.
Cleaning Garage Floors

Compare the different garage flooring options. You can choose between painting the floor with epoxy paint, concrete staining, laying rubber mats, tile stamping, and more. Check for garage floor covering material and labor costs - some options are more expensive than others.
Garage Floor Protection

Garage floor sealer is incredibly important, and can ensure that your garage lasts far longer. Garages are extremely high traffic areas, which need to be protected from spills and erosion. Therefore, taking the time to select the right sealant will ensure that your garage floor remains looking perfect for many years.
Garage Floor Sealer

For homeowners that are looking for more usable space in their home, garage floor coatings can transform a dirty, old garage into additional space for a home office, game room or storage. Some garage floors have all kinds of dirt, oil and grime all over and they are slippery, smelly and damp.
Garage Floor Coatings

Choosing the right garage floor coating has a lot to do with the condition that your floor is currently in. If you just purchased an older home or a repossessed property, your garage is probably in pretty sad shape. Flaking paint and cracks makes a coating close to impossible to consider.
Garage Floor Coating - Choosing the Best

You've read all about refinishing your garage floor with the newest polyurethane coatings and know what a fantastic difference that it would make on your garage but the time and work involved just does not fit into your schedule. Now there is another option that is simple and cost effective to provide many years of quality wear for your garage floor.
Garage Floor Protectors - A New Revolution

Not only can garage floor finishing improve the look of your floor, but you will find that it will actually keep it in better condition in general.
About Garage Floor Finishing - What You Need to Know

Garage Floor Epoxy is one of the most economical and logical solutions for covering garage floors, one of the most abused floor types on your whole property. There are many advantages and just a few disadvantages.

Epoxy paints for garage floors are a great choice because they give a refined finish, leaving garage floors looking smooth and professional, and at the same time providing a finish that is stain resistant and can be wiped clean much easier than with other paints.
Epoxy Paints for Garage Floors

There are many selections of garage floor finishes on the market today but if you are looking for years of quality and protection, a polyurea or polyaspartic coating will give you a rock hard seal with a manufacturer's guarantee of 5 to 15 years.
Super Hard Garage Floor Finishes

Garage floor sealers and coatings help keep your floor clean, attractive and stain free. Seal that porous concrete for a beautiful floor.
Garage Floor Sealers

Most homeowners do not know where to turn when it comes to purchasing garage floor sealers. This is why many of the major manufacturers of epoxy coating or polyurethane coating have put together kits for sealing garage floors. Detailed instructions, square footage covered and a list of tools (if not included) are included along with the sealant to help you do the job right.
Garage Floor Sealers - Kits Make the Job Easier

There is quite a difference between a poured cement floor in your garage and epoxy garage floors. The shiny, hard surface that epoxy gives holds a professional look for years, increasing your home's value.
Epoxy Garage Floors for Easy Maintenance

Rubber garage flooring can dramatically reduce foot and back fatigue; save wear-and-tear on floor. Save your feet, legs and back at work or home--anywhere you stand or walk repeatedly.
Rubber Garage Flooring

A garage door threshold creates a barrier against water, leaves, dirt and snow. This helps save energy by keeping garage warmer during winter & cooler during summer. Works with roll up doors, hinged doors and walk through doors.
Garage Door Threshold

One of the best ways to beautify your garage is to paint your garage floor.
How to Paint Your Garage Floor

Not every garage has to be cement flooring - you can use garage floor tiles to have that perfect look, no matter what.
Garage Floor Tiles

A garage flooring mat is a smart addition to any residential garage. They have become more popular among home owners in recent years and it's very easy to see why.
Garage Flooring Mat

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