Garage Lift Storage

Why don't you have garage lift storage yet?

The garage is the most cluttered and cramped space in the entire house. Anything and everything that can be stored in the garage will be placed in it preferably in shelves, drawers and other storage options placed on the floor and wall.

And so, the items just pile up until such time that there is barely any room left to move around. Or it may be that your garage was small in the first place. If you install shelves and drawers, you might be parking your car out on the street and that is neither safe nor legal in many areas. So, what then can you do?

The Solution - Garage Lift Storage

Racor Cable-Lifted Storage Rack

The solution to this problem is garage lift storage. Just as its name implies, this is a type of storage solution for relatively tight spaces with its installation starting from the ceiling, thus, allowing it to be lifted up off the floor.

You can find many types with various size and weight capacities and other features.

The actual construction is relatively simple but deceptively so. Think of a flat board balanced between two rods on each end with wire connecting these parts while a pulley system allows for lifting up and pulling down of the entire system as well as the contents within in. It's similar to an elevator for your items without the walls.

But the benefits are so many that you will regret not thinking of it sooner. The good news is that it's not too late as the product can be purchased from home improvement stores and online sites.

Get These Benefits

There are a lot of benefits to overhead storage. It can add space to the garage without actually doing any renovations. You need not bring down a wall and construct an extension, which is costly. You only need to attach the unit to the ceiling joists and flush against a wall, thus, saving on the costs of new materials and labor.

You can then place other things on the floor that may not be safely stored on the garage lift storage unit. Or you can just free up the space to make the garage look roomier and cleaner. You can place items on the garage lift unit that can be safely and securely accommodated by the product.

You must look at the manufacturer recommendations about how to pile the things for storage. This way, no items will be falling off the unit, which can harm life and limb as well as ruin property.

You should also determine the maximum capacity that you need. Keep in mind that although most of these units are constructed to lift heavy loads, there comes a point when the parts can break from overloading. So, load only as recommended so that safety and stability are already guaranteed factors.

And of course, since you will be the one operating the system - not a robot - the manufacturers have designed the garage lift storage with an easy-to-operate pulley system complemented by strong nylon cables. Get one of your own garage storage lift systems today and enjoy these benefits.

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