Garage Organization
Designing Your Storage System

Strategic planning is a critical ingredient in garage organization while constructing and designing a garage storage system. This part of the house may probably be the most neglected, least frequented part of any ordinary household.

Stack-On Garage Storage System

Sometimes we stuff this nook with little knick-knacks and other useless things from around the house, determining its function as storage room. With correct planning and sound design, however, we can transform it into a functional, practical area not only for cars and garden tools but also for tea parties.

How to Plan the Garage

Careful thought should be made when designing your garage organization to make sure that all spaces are used. Below are some tips on how to go about the process:

  • Consider the size of your garage. How many cars does the family have? Now, will the garage be used exclusively for the parking of these cars? If your answer is no, then you may also be thinking of making storage spaces out of it.
  • If the area will serve a dual function, consider the stuff that you want to keep there. These may range from garden tools to chemicals to children's toys and even used books. Maximize every bit of space by having built-in cabinets, racks and shelves made.

Vary the sizes of these storage spaces so that you will have many options for your garage organization when storing stuff of different sizes and dimensions. Too, consider putting hooks around the area for extension cords, ropes, and even ladders. Make sure these hooks are of a durable kind.

How to Organize Your Garage cum Storage Room

So, you have already planned what your garage storage system will look like. This time, know some bits of wisdom on how to organize it.

  • Safety is of paramount importance. Hence, make sure that hazardous materials such as pesticides, combustible liquids and paint cans are set aside in an exclusive corner atop a shelf high enough where children will not reach them. You may also consider storing them in locked cabinets.
  • Ladders should hang from hooks. They should not be left leaning against the wall as they may slide and injure a family member or damage your car. Same applies to shovels and forks.
  • Extension cords should not be left on the floor because they should be kept dry to prevent any short-circuits. Hang them on hooks.
  • Garage organization can also include hangers for bicycles, garden hoses, and tires.
  • Children's toys may be stored in transparent boxes before storing them inside the cabinets; otherwise, the boxes should be properly labeled for easy retrieval. Don't store boxes in high cabinets so kids can easily get to them.
  • Because the garage is vulnerable to spills and leaks from chemicals and gas tanks, never compromise on the smoke detectors. It would help much to constantly monitor their batteries so that fires can be avoided.
  • Ditch those tarps you put on the garage floor to contain leaks. While they seem to be handy, they are fire hazards.
  • Should there be stairs or even just a step in the garage, make sure that these are covered with reflective materials so that no one will trip over them even in the dark. These reflective materials such as plasters, paints and tape can be bought at the local hardware. It doesn't take a fortune to have a classic garage storage system. All it takes is sensible planning coupled with a touch of garage organization creativity.

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