Garage Pegboard: Crawford PW3-4 Pegboard Wall Organizer

by Donald

Convenient system to use where space is limited.

3 swinging panels, you can use both sides to double your pegboard capacity.

16"x24" 3 Pc Peg Board Tool Display With Stand with 15-piece peghook starter assortment.

Manufacturer Description

"Medium-duty pegboard wall organizer provides over 16 square feet of organized storage space but takes up minimal wall space.

Three 16-Inch-by-24-Inch double-sided hinged panels offer convenient access to all of your tools.

Installation is a breeze - item setup takes only minutes. Ideal for small work areas and where space is limited.

Includes: 3 (three) 1/4-Inch thick swinging pegboard panels, painted steel mounting brackets, 15-piece peghook starter assortment, protective vinyl edging, and mounting hardware."

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