Garage Pegboard: Triton Products 028 Bin Kits for Pegboard Storage, Yellow, 8-Pieces

by Donald

Pegboard ready bin storage system includes 8 bins with labels and clips for mounting.

Two different sizes. Half are 5-3/8 inches long, 4-1/8" wide, 3" tall. The other 4 are 7-3/8" long, 4-1/8" wide, and 3" tall.

Manufacturer Description

"Triton 028 Bin Kits For Pegboard Storage. The Pegboard ready bin storage system. Plastic hanging bin storage fits any pegboard application.

Clips lock onto the pegboard in individual locations. Store loose parts and tool accessories anywhere on your pegboard.

Bins remove easily for easy parts transport. Only storage bin solution for pegboard that mounts individually on the pegboard due to the patented locking capability of the Bin Clip.

Plastic hanging bins with Bin Clips are load rated at 10-Pound.

028 Includes: Four 5-3/8-Inch Length by 4-1/8-Inch Width by 3-Inch Height hanging bins, Four 7-3/8-Inch Length by 4-1/8-Inch Weight by 3-Inch Height hanging bins, 8 - Bin Clips to mount to pegboard, 8 - Bin Labels "

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