Garage Remodeling Ideas

A garage can be a great extra space in your house, but for most people it is wasted. Here are a few garage remodeling ideas that can take your garage from cluttered storage unit to the most useful room in the house.

There is a reason for the expression garage sale. It is used because that is where all the stuff we do not use any more but do not want to throw away ends up. Sure you do not want it in the house, so throw it out in the garage.

After a few years of living in a house, most people cannot even fit their cars in their garage anymore because it is filled with stuff. So if this is you, then the first step for you is to get rid of the things that you do not need. Take the most valuable things and list them for sale on an online auction site like EBay. You will be surprised at how all that stuff adds up to a pretty decent profit. With any luck you can make enough money to pay for your garage remodeling ideas.

There will still be plenty of less valuable stuff around, but you do not want to just throw it away, so you have two choices. The first is to have a garage sale. This is a great way to make some extra money and get rid of things. And you also know that everything is going to good use and other people are getting a bargain. So it works out well for everyone involved.

The best time to do it is the first Saturday of the month because that is the week when all the government checks are issued so people have money to spend.

If this seems like too much work or you just cannot get a Saturday free to do it, then another option is to donate to a local charity. You can go to Goodwill, or the Salvation Army or other local charities that accept donations. They in turn sell your items in their stores to make money for the charity, so you are doing a good thing and you can benefit as well because they will give you a receipt which you can use as a tax deduction.

Now that your garage is empty, it is time to start with the garage remodeling ideas. One option is to make the garage a room for your teenage kids. They can be loud and destructive and the garage is tough and sound proof because it is separated from the house by a heavy exterior door.

So you can get some couches and a TV and let then set up a stereo or practice with their rock band. It will be better for everyone that they are out of the house. Most garages have a separate entrance door so they and their friends can come and go without constantly traipsing through the house.

If you do not want to give the garage over to the kids completely, you could make it a place for the whole family. A pool table just happens to be about the same size as a car, which means it would fit perfectly in the garage. Decorate the place like an English pub. Add a dartboard on the wall. Put in a nice stereo. And now you have a great game room.

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