The Garage Screen Door
and its Many Uses

Wondering what a garage screen door is? There are many different companies who make them. During the Summer we all know how hot it can get, and sometimes the garage is the only cool place in the house.

Spring and Summer are also times when we spend much time here, tinkering with our cars, enjoying woodworking hobbies, as well as just getting the place in proper order from the Winter.

We love to be out in the garage, but some of the problems are inadequate lighting, or the stuffiness. You want to open up the garage door/s and let the light and ventilation in, but then you also have to fight with all the bugs.

Garage Screen Door Photo

Here is where a garage screen door comes in handy. Whether it covers the garage door where you drive your car in, or the smaller utility door, these can be a real life saver during the hot Summer months.

Some units are retractable, with either a small motor or a spring mechanism. They have weights along the bottom so they hang straight and don't blow around in a breeze. They have zippers on the side, or somewhere in the middle, so you can get in and out of them with relative ease. They provide ample lighting, are made from materials that are UV protected, and protect you from harmful rays of the sun.

Some companies even give you the option of having silk screen images on them, so you can proudly announce that you support our troops, or any number of different sayings or images.

Having a screen for your garage can open a whole new world of uses for your garage. You can set up tables just inside, and have a banquet feast or a birthday party, barbeque or just about any other kind of get together.

All of this safely behind the screen, with no worries about flies around your food, or bees trying to enjoy your meal with you. In the evening, you can pull out the television, or some card tables, and enjoy the cool evening without worrying about mosquitoes pestering you.

A garage screen door is easy to set up, with it's own mounting brackets, or even attaching to your existing garage door track. They are a convenient way to make your garage a more usable space.

There are many different manufacturers of these, and many products to choose from. You should look online for a listing of makers of garage screens, so you have an idea of the different product lines. Then, when you have something in mind, you really need to take some measurements so you know exactly the size you need.

There are some things to keep in mind when it comes to purchasing a garage screen door. Make sure that the materials are sturdy and have UV protection, not just for the screen, but to block them from coming in to you as well.

Be sure that the screen set up you choose comes complete with all the mounting brackets and hardware, plus complete step-by-step instructions for installation. Make sure that you get a good warranty, which differs from one manufacturer to another.

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