Garage Screens
What Are Some Advantages?

Garage screens can open up a whole new room to your home. You can now open up your doors, letting natural light in during the day, saving on your electricity bill throughout the warmer months of the year. Now you can invite your friends and family over, have parties and gatherings, serve food and eat without worrying about the insects getting into your dishes.

If there is a summer storm, you don't have to run into the house, trying to grab all your food and dishes. You can enjoy a sudden thunderstorm or rain shower without getting wet.

As the sun sets, having your garage screens in place can help in a number of ways as well. Opening the interior door to the garage can allow hot air to escape, without having to run the air conditioner. This also opens up another space, to watch a movie, play cards, or other family activities. A screen lets you keep your garage door open later in the evening, without being hot and stuffy.

Garage screens can also keep harmful rays from the sun from getting inside during the day. Many screens come with UV and UVB protection.

There are many different ways to open and close your screens as well. Some of them come with overlapping snap closures, others have durable, double sided zippers, and rigid models that open vertically have secure hook closures at the end. You also have many different options for opening the whole screen as well.

Some models are set up on tracks or mounted on the outside frame of the garage opening. Many of these have motors and remotes, just like a garage door, so you can open and close them at a touch of a button.

With your screen on the outside of the frame, there is little to no chance of insects and debris coming inside your garage, and you can also close you garage door when you are ready to go to bed, for added security.

While setting up your garage screens is fairly easy to do, it is a pain to have to set them up and take them down every year. Some of these screens have cases that they can retract into, others can be rolled up and secured with cords, with weather proof covers. This way there is no need to have to remove them. For rigid frame models, many of these have wheels on the bottom, and can be quickly unattached from the main mounting frame. Then all you have to do is roll it into the garage for convenient storage.

When you are ordering your garage screens, you need to take concise measurements of the open space of your door. You also need to really think about what features you want such as remote controlled motors that raise and lower the screen itself, as well as your budget, because many of the bells and whistles cost extra. Look around for a good warranty and guarantee, one that is offered for the longest time. Even though having an extended warranty may cost a little extra, it is well worth it if you don't have to replace it that often.

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