Garage Shoe Storage Tips

Looking for ideas for wall mounted garage shoe storage racks? Golf shoes, leather shoes, children's shoes, and ladies shoes sure do pile up without a warning. When shoes are all over the floor and parked in every nook and cranny of the house, it's time to make room for more.

Wall Shoe Storage Tips

The garage is the best target for your shoe storage space. The less used shoes can be relegated to the garage until these are needed. With a little imagination, some copied from home organizing magazines and home doctors, you can create your own garage shoe storage. The ideal garage storage for your shoes are stainless steel wall racks, which you line up for different shoe sizes and heights.

Wall Shoe Storage

The garage is not a roomy place so use the walls and make sure there is ample space between the car and the shoe shelf. To maximize space, a wall to floor shoe shelf would be perfect for more than fifty pairs of shoes. The top shelf should be assigned for seasonal shoes, such as winter boots. The less-used shoes should take up the upper shelves and the frequently used pairs on the lower shelves.

For children's wall shoe rack storage, install easy-to-reach racks. The children can get their shoes safely without clambering up a ladder when you don't have the time to get the shoes for them. Arrange the shoes by type and include the accessories for good measure.

To keep your kids sports shoes and accessories together, get a skates rack or shoes-and-balls rack. These are easy-to-assemble heavy duty tubing units with strong nylon nets that can take on a lot of stuffing and throwing. Shoes should be neatly arranged in a single row because children don't have the patience to organize their shoes and it would be easy for them to pick out the shoes they want and return them to their proper place.

A separate rack for golf shoes and golf accessories make a great and convenient garage shoe storage item because no time is wasted hunting for golf accessories. This heavy duty metal rack is matched with golf bag holders to organize golf balls and golf clubs.

Ceiling Shoe Storage

Don't waste the storage potential of the garage ceilings. Install shoe storage up there using pipes and fittings and plywood. Measure the height and width of the shoes storage before purchasing your materials, making sure that there is enough space between the ceiling and the shoes you are going to store there. Lastly, make sure that the installation is secure or the shoes and pipes will come tumbling down on a hapless victim.


Old bookcases can be painted to complement the overall appearance and enhance the looks of your garage. If you don't have an old bookcase waiting to be recycled, perhaps you have a built-in book case that is waiting to be recycled. Remove the shelves and use this for your garage shoe storage shelves. The built-in book case can be used to store your other stuff which you cannot relegate to the garage.

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