Garage Storage Ideas
Cheap but Durable

There are many different garage storage ideas on the market today. A lot of the real problem is that with so many different kinds of storage systems and ideas, it can be more than just a little overwhelming.

You want a storage system that works well for a variety of different applications, but you also want them to be durable as well as affordable. Many of the products you purchase really depend on the kind of system which best suits your needs.

There is one system that fulfills the bill on many different kinds of garage storage ideas all in one. This is either the peg board, or sliding hook systems. These are sections of board that mount directly on the wall of your garage.

They can be constructed of wood, metal or even molded plastic, with a multitude of holes or channels in them. These are the base for a massive system of hooks, flexible clamps, open baskets, and even individually closing bins that lock into place on the board.

The peg board styles have small peg style hooks at the top, and straight ones on the bottom. You simply hook the little pegs in the holes, and drop the bottom down, securing the bottom pegs. The hook and the weight of the item keeps it on, and the bottom peg makes it secure and stable. If you ever want to move it to another location, you simply lift it up and pull it out.

Wall Slot Board Storage

The principle is nearly the same for the slot boards, but instead of a peg hook, they have a matching slotted end. You simply insert the hook, grabber or holder, position it where you want, and turn it to snap it into place. For bins and baskets, they have a key on the inside, and once you have it in position, your just turn the key with a screw driver and the slot in the back turns and locks in.

Both of these are completely adjustable, and changing positions is easy. No matter what you need to have organized, from hand tools, lawn and garden accessories, and even small nuts and bolts, just for a few examples, can be neatly organized and out of the way until you need them.

One of the best things about these systems, other than their diversity, is they are completely affordable, even if you are on a tight budget. You can get the boards in small 6"x24" strips, or 4'x4' panels, and sizes large enough to cover your entire wall. You can buy the hooks and other accessories separately, with the hooks just around a dollar apiece, depending on size, or you can purchase a package deal, with a section of the backing, and a preselected set of accessories for one low price.

These are just a few of the many different examples of cheap but durable garage storage ideas for you. You can buy clear plastic bins that have locking lids, that can be either stacked on top of one another, or purchased with organizing racks, so you can just pull the container out that you need without moving all the others around. Many of these garage storage ideas you can find at your local home improvement outlets, and online.

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