Garage Storage Lifts

Garage storage lifts are essential for people who have canoes, bicycles, boats, or other similar possessions they need to store within the garage. There is actually a large array of storage lifts on Amazon that are both inexpensive and efficient. You can surely find something that suits your needs and preferences.

Harken Canoe and Kayak Hoist

This product is perfect for properly storing canoes and kayaks when they are not being used. The Harken Canoe and Kayak Hoist has received five stars on Amazon and features a self locking pulley and ball bearing pulleys.

The self locking pulley and ball bearing pulleys are very important, because they prevent accidental release, even if the line is dropped. It can also handle up to 90 pounds of weight. Moreover, this set is easy to install and lifts evenly and easily.

RAD Cycle Products Ceiling Mount Bike Hoist

Installing the RAD Easy Bike Hoist is fast and easy. You can mount the hoist on a two-by-four and screw the two-by-four to a joist, or you can mount the hoist directly to the joist itself.

And using the hoist is just as simple--attach the clamps to the handlebars and seat, and you're ready to comfortably lift your bike up to the ceiling. Once the locking mechanism clicks in, wrap the rope around the included wall mount to keep your bicycle secure. When it's time to get your bike down, simply unlock the mechanism and use the rope to smoothly bring it to the ground.

The RAD Easy Bike Hoist is backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

If you want your garage to look less cluttered and have more space to move around, you should purchase a storage lift. They can store your canoes, kayaks, and bicycles up in the air and out of the way.

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